Doodle 4 Google

What a great idea.

Awkward compliments
Carl:You are smart, delicious and mostly water.
Barrie:I feel like your hair follicles are a nice size and well spaced.
Carl:You've got the exact number of eyes and limbs I'm looking for in a friend and possible mate.
Barrie:When you say things, they have appropriate subject/verb agreements.
Carl:I also convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. And I love sounds. We should agree to meet in a public place and converse about inane topics while attempting to build up our best characteristics and not look batshit crazy. We will split the check equally, but I will hold doors open as needed.

Things I’m stoked about: The National - “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

I’m not sure which I was looking forward to more this year — graduating college or The National’s new album High Violet.  It’s a shame I still haven’t given the album a listen yet … maybe soon.


I’m really going to use this thing.  Really.